Day 4- 100K Followers Challenge

Day 4- 100K Followers Challenge

Day 4 of the 100K Followers Challenge brought a fresh perspective and strategic adjustments.

My Reflections

The weekend was a breath of fresh air. It gave me a chance to step back, organize my thoughts, and consider how to enhance the quality of my videos and content. I've learned that engaging directly with my network is essential to organically growing my audience, and that networking should take precedence over spending most of my day creating content.

Interestingly, exploring the capabilities of Moderna, who have created over 750 GPTs for their operations, reassures me that the journey with GPTs is just beginning, and I'm on the right path. Starting my weeks strong with a focus on GPTs seems more relevant than ever.

Insights from Coach GPT - 100K Followers
On Day 4 Performance

As we moved into Day 4 of our ambitious 100K Followers Challenge, it was a day of learning and adapting our strategies based on new insights:

Progress Overview:

Total Followers: We've reached a new milestone of 190 followers, adding 21 new enthusiasts to our community. Each new follower energizes the potential of our network.

Engagement: The shift towards more direct networking has already shown promising interactions, with an increase in likes, comments, and direct messages.

Reach: With a more targeted approach in engaging discussions, our content's reach is becoming more potent, making each post count.

Audience Insights:

Engagement Demographics: Our core audience continues to involve primarily professionals aged 35-55, engaged in entrepreneurship and seeking AI integration in their businesses.

Geographical Reach: Most engagement still stems from Montreal, QC, but we're seeing a growing interest from other regions, which aligns with our expanded networking efforts.

Reflections and Strategy Adjustments:

Content Focus: While maintaining a diverse content strategy, the focus will shift slightly to include more personalized interactions and direct engagements to foster stronger community ties.

Engagement Practices: We plan to enhance our reach by initiating more conversations and network-building activities, which are proving to be key in organic growth.

Looking Forward:

The path to 100K followers is a blend of persistence, learning, and strategic pivoting. As we continue to adapt and evolve, your support and engagement are invaluable. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries together!

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