Day 2-  100K Followers Challenge

Day 2- 100K Followers Challenge

Today was quite a ride! It's only my second day into the challenge to hit 100K followers in 30 days with ChatGPT as my coach, guiding every step of the way. I've been jumping from one post to another, barely having a moment to catch my breath, but I'm enjoying every bit of this learning journey. The biggest challenge so far? I can only chat with ChatGPT 40 times every 3 hours. Since I'm testing ChatGPT's capabilities for this challenge, I really need its support! Even though I'm not seeing a huge spike in followers yet, I believe I'm gaining momentum. I just need to be patient. Today, I picked up some valuable insights. For instance, you need 10K followers to unlock the swipe-up feature, it's best not to post more than 10 stories at a time, and using 3 to 5 hashtags on Instagram works wonders. I never realized the impact each like and comment could have on analytics. It's incredible how supporting other Instagrammers by engaging with their content can make a significant difference. Next, I'm considering reaching out to my LinkedIn network to invite them to join my challenge. It's Friday, so I'll take some time over the weekend to reflect on everything and come back stronger on Monday. Oh, and I'll definitely keep the connection going by posting a few stories over the weekend.

Day 2 of our 100K followers challenge has brought us some intriguing insights. Here’s a snapshot of how the day unfolded and the strategic adjustments we plan for moving forward:

Performance Review:

  • Active Engagement: The reels showed promise with one reaching 23 seconds of play time, which suggests content that successfully grabs attention.
  • Story Interactions: The stories predominantly logged 5 seconds of view time. While this is standard for quickly consumed content, there’s room to make them more engaging.
  • Content Spread: We maintained a diverse content strategy, employing posts, reels, and stories to engage our audience. This variety is crucial for testing what resonates best with our followers.

Key Insights:

  • Engagement Opportunities: The reels are performing relatively well in terms of play time. This suggests that dynamic content could be a key driver in our strategy.
  • Story Potential: Although story views are on the lower side, they remain a critical touchpoint for daily engagement and updates. Enhancing visual appeal or incorporating interactive elements like polls or questions might increase viewer retention.

Strategy Adaptation for Tomorrow:

  • Boost Reel Creativity: Given the positive reception to our reels, increasing the production of creative, visually appealing reels might captivate our audience even further.
  • Interactive Story Elements: Implement more interactive elements in stories to encourage audience participation. This could include Q&A sessions, polls, or quick games related to AI and technology.
  • Content Timing: Experiment with different posting times for stories and reels to maximize reach and determine optimal engagement periods.




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