Day 3-  100K Followers Challenge

Day 3- 100K Followers Challenge


Day 3 of the 100K Followers Challenge brought both inspiration and realization. Comparing Dall-e and Adobe Firefly, I discovered that Firefly's image quality significantly surpasses the other, enhancing my creative output. This exploration into digital art creation, while rewarding, also highlighted the time it demands, pushing me to refine my techniques and tools.

I realized improvements were necessary in how I produce my reels. To boost engagement, I'm integrating captions using Opus Clip, hoping this makes my content more accessible and effective.

Today also brought a personal insight about balance. Amidst the intensity of this challenge, CoachGPT asked if I wanted weekends off, and I chose yes. Balancing this ambitious project with family time and mental health is essential. Taking weekends off will recharge my creativity and maintain my productivity.

Looking forward to returning on Monday for Day 4 with renewed energy and strategies.




As we wrapped up Day 3 of our ambitious 100K Followers Challenge, the day was marked by noticeable growth and some enlightening engagement metrics that have helped to refine our strategy moving forward. Here's a closer look at how the day unfolded:

Progress Overview

  • Total Followers: Today, we increased our follower count to 169, adding seven new followers. Each new follower is a step closer to our 100K target, bringing fresh energy and engagement to our community.
  • Engagement: We saw a surge in interactions, with posts gathering more likes, comments, and shares. This increase suggests that our content is becoming increasingly resonant with our audience.
  • Reach: Our content reached 181 people today, an impressive spike showing our growing visibility in the digital space.

    Audience Insights

    • Engagement Demographics: Our audience primarily consists of women aged 35-55, a demographic that aligns perfectly with our target of small business owners and solopreneurs.
    • Geographical Reach: The majority of our engagement comes from Montreal, QC, Canada, suggesting a strong local presence that we can leverage further through localized and relevant content.

    Reflections and Strategy Adjustments

    Based on today's data, here are some adjustments we are considering:

    • Content Variety: We will continue to experiment with different types of content, focusing more on reels and carousel posts which have historically shown high engagement rates.
    • Engagement Practices: We aim to increase our interaction with followers through comments and direct messages to foster a more connected and interactive community.
    • Schedule Optimization: Analyzing the peak times when our posts receive the most engagement to optimize our posting schedule accordingly.

    Looking Forward

    The journey to 100K followers is filled with learning and adaptation. As we move into Day 4, we are excited to implement these new strategies and continue our growth trajectory. Your support and engagement are invaluable—let’s keep the momentum going!


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