Empowering Workshops to Be Productive

Dive deep into the transformative wave of ChatGPT and other innovative tools to optimize efficiency. Each session is a strategic step towards mastering resources and elevating your approach to tasks and challenges.

  • AI-Powered Productivity

    Step into a realm where AI simplifies your complexities, enhancing productivity in both personal and professional spheres. This workshop is a gateway to innovative strategies and tools, designed to achieve more with less effort and time. Embracing a future where efficiency is not just a goal, but a lifestyle.

    1 hour event

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  • Unlock Your ADHD Potential

    Unlock the potential of your ADHD traits in this transformative workshop. Dive into actionable strategies, traditional focus tools, and cutting-edge AI solutions designed to amplify your unique superpowers. Elevate your personal and professional life by mastering the art of productivity with ADHD.

    1 hour workshop

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  • Clients Acquisition with AI

    Running a business demands versatility. Learn how ChatGPT can be your versatile assistant, aiding in everything from content creation to customer acquisition. Empower your entrepreneurial journey with AI-driven insights and solutions, unlocking unprecedented levels of productivity and effectiveness.

    1 hour workshop

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How are the workshops conducted?

The workshops are conducted live via Zoom. Participants will receive a link to join the workshop after their purchase.

What will I receive upon registering for a workshop?

Upon registering, you will receive a Zoom link to attend the workshop live.

Will the workshops be recorded?

Yes, I'll be recording the workshop. And as a bonus for attending live, only those who join in real-time will get access to the replay link. It's my way of adding extra value for your live participation!

What should I do if I miss a workshop?

No worries if you miss a workshop! Since they're free, the easiest solution is to simply register for the next one. I regularly host these sessions, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to join in.

What should I do to prepare for the workshop?

To prepare for the workshop, first ensure you've got your Zoom link. If it hasn't landed in your inbox, just drop me an email : annabelle@mudra-planner.com.

Also, it's a good idea to have a notebook handy for jotting down key insights and strategies