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Are you always waiting until the last minute to get things done? Is it a torture to do something you're simply not motivated to do?

Through proven tools and strategies, let me help you to become organized, motivated and in control of each day so that you can feel empowered and be the CEO of your life.

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Mudra Life

Mudra Life Planner - Blue

Mudra Life Planner - Blue

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Colorful Weekly Planner, January to December 2023, 11 by 8.25 Inches.

  • Designed with ADHD brains in mind.
  • Each month is designed with a different color, which brings a vibrant energy to your day and helps you realize when a new month is about to begin
  • Each weekday has a separate space to record what is important, your schedule, your task lists(6) and any additional notes
  • Tick cover with a smooth feel, perforated corners and wire-O binding.
  • Set your goals for different aspects of your life, family, friends, romance, fun, recreation, finances, career, environment, physical health and mental health.  Every first Monday of the month, you will be reminded to write down your monthly goals.  It will allow you to witness your evolution, month by month
  • Your entire year laid out over 2 pages.  This tool helps you to plan your vacation, days off, special activities and workdays. The yearly perspective is included for 2023 and 2024. 
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