Get it Done Workshops

Get it Done with ChatGPT

As your ADHD Productivity mentor, I want to share with you the best tools and strategies for you to achieve your goals. This is why I will be hosting a Zoom workshop about ChatGPT. The sooner you learn how to use it effectively, the sooner you will get to see how your productivity increases significantly.

Whether you're already exploring ChatGPT or just curious about the buzz, I invite you to dive deeper into the possibilities with me. Welcome to an exclusive, interactive workshop where we unravel the potential of ChatGPT to reshape how you work, create, and innovate

Let's ''Get it Done ''

Plan. Create. Organize.

Colorful weekly planner designed with ADHD brains in mind. The Mudra Life planner helps you visualize your week based on what is important, where you must be and what you must accomplish. It also has lots of space to write everything (well... almost everything) going through your mind.

Discover the planner

How this planner can help neurodivergent brains?

Helps you focus on your priorities

Simple system to keep track of what you need to do

Plenty of space to write down anything that comes through your mind

It's colorful to make planning more fun

Landscape format

A landscape format makes a big difference by providing a better organized view of your week. It allows you to have a lot more room to write down and prioritize (almost) everything that goes through your mind.


Perforated corners

Perforated corners allow to quickly and easily find the page you want.


Connecting your ideas with your actions

Setting your yearly goals sets the tone for the year ahead. This is the starting point to identify what you want to create and your guidelines throughout the year. Get inspired by these categories : family & friends, romance, fun & recreation, finance, career and physical & mental health.