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I’m here to make your life easier and more powerful using amazing AI tools and strategies. Let’s simplify things together, optimize your productivity, and make more room for joy in your life. It's time for you to be the CEO of your Life. Book your complementary call today !

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    A planning system designed designed with ADHD brains in mind. It helps you visualize your day and your week based on what is important, where you must be and what you must accomplish.

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    Dive into immersive workshops that unveil the potentials of tools like ChatGPT and other holistic strategies. Equip yourself with knowledge that’s both empowering and practical.

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    Receive one-on-one coaching or consulting, where I personally guide and empower you with strategies and tools aligned with your goals, whether they are personal or professional.

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What's New at Mudra Life?

  • Workshop - Get the Most Out of ChatGPT

    Step into ChatGPT's world, where AI simplifies workflow and boosts efficiency. Learn strategies that let you achieve more with less time, money and resources. Isn't it the goal?

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  • Let's Meet - Free Complimentary Call

    Book a call with me to discover how I can help you save time and money with amazing tools and strategies. Let's explore how ChatGPT, Notion, or various other strategies can assist you in achieving your goals.

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  • Tools - My Productivity Boosters

    Explore digital tools that have revolutionized my daily efficiency, bringing clarity and strategic focus, and are now ready to transform your productivity journey. It's time to take control of your day.

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Annabelle TV

I bring you weekly videos packed with tools and strategies to help you become the CEO of your life.

News Worthy

  • EVE - Workshop about AI and Productivity for entrepreneurs

    Catch me on November 22, 2023, at EVE's online platform for a free ChatGPT workshop. Learn AI-powered tactics to supercharge your productivity in both work and life. Don't miss out!

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  • Blah Blah - about the ADHD for the awareness month

    Catch my latest capsule where I delve into ADHD superpowers, even linking them to celebs. My mission? For you to fully embrace your ADHD and focus on your zone of genius. Don't miss this empowering content!

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  • Collège Sainte-Anne - Workshop about AI for parents

    Had the pleasure of leading a workshop aimed at helping parents of 12-13 year-olds understand ChatGPT. The goal was to equip them to effectively use this tool with their teens.


  • Amanda - Coaching

    I can't thank Annabelle enough for the exceptional coaching experience she has provided me. Her guidance and support have been so truly helpful.

    Annabelle's organization tools have had a profound impact on my productivity. Through her effective strategies, I have become more organized and efficient in managing my projects.


    Virtual Assistant , Every Little Thing

  • Planner

    "I feel like the people who designed this planner read my mind. It has everything I had been missing over the last few years, without being overly complicated or wordy."


    "This is amazing. And exactly how my brain works."


    "I love the way she set up the planner. Each month is color coded. I highly recommend it."


  • Eva - Workshops

    Annabelle is very knowledgeable and full of great innovative ideas. She helped me see how ChatGPT can assist with my daily and weekly organizational skills. Her workshop is also very helpful for business owners looking for ideas for social media content. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to experience her ChatGPT workshop, and I highly recommend it if you are looking to improve your productivity game.

    Eva Sefcova

    Holistic Health & Business Mentor